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Document Conversion

Our document conversion services converts and organizes content—to create electronic documents, populate databases, and publish on the web and get it ready to meet the needs of technology today and in the future. Our diverse customer base spans all industries including publishing, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, automotive, technology, pharmaceuticals, libraries, universities, professional societies, government agencies, and utility providers.


Orangebd offers extensive document conversion services to turn any printed matter (or microfilm or microfiche) into richly tagged, reusable XML. Using our automated recognition software, Orangebd documents such as periodicals, reports, journals, forms, catalogs, and financial statements into a unified collection of structured XML. Leading organizations around the world rely on our proven processes to build archives containing millions of pages.


Once we convert your content to XML, you can repurpose individual components within your documents and use Orangebds flexible output channels. This means that you can create new reports, build virtual documents viewable on the Web, push content out using RSS, or convert your documents to industry-specific XML schemas that fit your business needs.


Orangebd’s document conversion services fit into your existing business process and IT environment. We integrate with your document management system and handle all interface issues (including scanning and quality assurance) to deliver a flawless collection of XML at the end of the process.

Our Supports

Data Entry and Processing:

Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to Orangebd.
We'll manage all your exhausting data entry tasks with our expertise and efficiency.
We are already working on significant number of various projects for data entry tasks.

Call Center & Customer Support:

Orangebd offers 24/7 real-time online customer support that delivers innovative, quality-driven, customer service solutions across all IT industry segments from home to abroad. Already We are providing support using the most advanced technology, comprehensive insights and experts via live chat and our own developed software named as “Support Ticket System”. We are also capable of providing such supports by using any other relevant software.


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