judicial portal Solution

The Judicial Information Portal is the only information portal of the judiciary of Bangladesh which is enriched with all information of the judiciary of Bangladesh. With the government initiative, Bangladeshh is the first in the world for establishing a website of all the judicial departments related to the High Courts and Subordinate Courts together.

This Judicial Portal is the fruit of relentless effort of all the officials and employees from field level of the department of judiciary to Central level. Aim of this portal is to minimize the distance between court and citizen. It started experimental on the leadership and management of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and the A2I program, but the extent of this has become enormous and now it has become a unique database of numerous sites. Orangebd is proud to work with this site.

Features Technology Target User
  • Communication with all courts of Bangladesh.
  • One stop online portal.
  • Service Process map for user.
  • Government Announcement links are available.
  • Fully browser independent.
  • Judicial Office
  • Citizen Of Bangladesh
  • Language: PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Scripting Language: Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Database: MySQL


Access to Information (a2i)
Bangladesh Police
Dept. of Inspection For Factories and Establishments
Department of Labour
International Labour Organization
International Organization For Migration
Bangladesh Supreme Court
Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
SOS Childrens Villages
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Industrial Development Organization