Bangladesh national portal

The Access to Information (a2i) Programme in collaboration with government stakeholders, designed, developed and implemented the National Portal Framework, an e-architecture aimed at the creation of harmonized public websites that reduced the hassle, time and costs incurred by citizens in accessing and availing government information and services. Possibly one of the largest government web potals in the world, this is the most visible implementation of proactive information disclosure under the Right to Information Act in Bangladesh This framework focuses on information that is essential to every citizens’ prosperous livelihood-agriculture, health, education, law & human rights, tourism and history, human resources, development & engineering, environment & disaster management etc.National Portal ensures that all government organizations have an online presence, and the existing officers and staff of the organizations are able to update the sites without depending on technical personnel.

We, Team Orangebd are highly honoured to be the technical partner of Bangladesh National Potal and to contribute to developing Digital Bangladesh.

Aspects Increasing Coverage Target User
  • Involved in all Union Parishads (Union Councils), Upazilas (sub-districts), Zilas (districts), Divisions, Departments and Ministries
  • In order to further facilitate access to public information and services, mobile apps are being created under public - private partnerships (PPP) covering a wide range of topics.
  • Altogether, 219+ e-services can be accessed under the National Portal. These services are from 73 organizations and categorised into 22 groups.
  • Enable citizens and businesses to readily access government information without having to travel to government offices
  • 1386 Financial Institution, 85,000+ educational institutions
  • 70,000+ Development Project, 26,000+ public representative
  • 75,000+ photos of important places, 19,897 religious institutions
  • 12,567 growth centers, 10,540 tourist spots
  • 2,072 Hotel and Rest houses, 1143 hospital/ clinics
  • 0.25M+ government form users per month, 1M+ e-Service users per month
  • Different Ministries of Bangladesh
  • Government Officer
  • Citizen of bangladesh


Access to Information (a2i)
Bangladesh Police
Dept. of Inspection For Factories and Establishments
Department of Labour
International Labour Organization
International Organization For Migration
Bangladesh Supreme Court
Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
SOS Childrens Villages
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Industrial Development Organization