open data Solution

There are huge government and private sector data that can contribute in decision making for policy makers as well as for common citizen. Also, open data and open government data can support policy reform and ensure transparency and citizen participation. The release of data in open data formats has been established to be a driver in terms of better public service, economic growth, job creation, research and innovation, which itself has been identified as one of the primary drivers of development. In this regard, the initiative of developing open data portal has been taken. In this portal, there are publicly available datasets from more than 35 Ministries and related agencies.

Features Target User Technology
  • Provides one-stop access to the government’s publicly available data
  • Communicate government data and analysis through visualizations
  • Create value by catalyzing application development,
  • Facilitates analysis and research
  • Language: PHP (Laravel), HTML, CSS
  • Scripting Language: Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • Database: MySQL
  • Citizen of Bangladesh
  • Government Officer
  • Researcher


Access to Information (a2i)
Bangladesh Police
Dept. of Inspection For Factories and Establishments
Department of Labour
International Labour Organization
International Organization For Migration
Bangladesh Supreme Court
Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
SOS Childrens Villages
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Industrial Development Organization